Silver Dragon Liriope Spicata - remove or root barrier?

Dallas, TX(Zone 8a)

I'd love some advice on my liriope dillemma. I have Silver Dragon liriope spicata as a shade garden border. Planted it 2 years ago not knowing its running nature and am now seeing the long shoots spouting. Should I pull it all and replace with Silvery Sunproof liripoe (muscari) -- OR -- install a root barrier (and also remove the escaped shoots)?

I can get a root barrier to go 8 inches in the soil before hitting the solid clay pan. The garden has improved soil - about 8 inches on top of the clay pan. I LOVE the almost total white leaves of the Silver Dragon in my heavy shade garden. It brightens everything. Is it too risky to keep it in the bed if I install an 8 inch depth root barrier? Does Silvery Sunproof liriope (muscari) maintain it's variegation in heavy shade? If it did, I would seriously consider using it instead of Silver Dragon.

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