Morus Species, White Mulberry Tree (Morus alba)

White House, TN

Morus Species, White Mulberry Tree
Morus alba

A new species or hybrid I discovered last year. See my comments on March 12, 2020.

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Denton, TX

Hi Randy, is this a white mulberry? I found a very similar one that I have been trying to figure out what kind of mulberry variation is it, see attached photos, it a 100% covered in those leaves. For reference I am in Texas 76210.

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White House, TN

Hi Rick. Neat looking leaf. Pretty similar to my discovery. Did the leaves become real dark green by late summer ? Or did they stay bright green ?
All I can suggest is to give it maybe five to ten years and see what the leaves are doing. I say that because soooo many young mulberry trees produce magnificent unique leaves. But Until last year, Iíve never found a twenty-five or thirty year old + tree that produces 90% unique leaves like my discovery.
So, Iíd like it if you could stay in touch and every summer letís see if it sorta gradually transitions back to a typical shape leaf of a normal mature tree. Or will it keep that unique shape. It is really unique. Thank you for sharing it. Did you buy it, or is it a volunteer ? Could the mother tree be in your neighborhood ?

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