Tibouchina problems

Middleburg, FL

healthy 5' tall tibouchinas have suddenly sprouted red / orange leaves.
began today, not yesterday so moving fast.
They have 4hours direct sun and indirect rest of day.
have been very healthy, massive bloom outlay.....puzzled and worried.
Ideas? Location near Jacksonville, florida, zone 9a. Lots of new growth up till now.
suggestions welcome and thank you

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Lake City, FL

Purple wonder bramble (Tibouchina urvilleana) is a delicate hill shaping evergreen plant that sprouts in summer with splendid purple blooms. Otherwise called princess blossom, this plant is local to the tropics yet additionally develops well in warm, waterfront zones in the United States. It can endure U.S. Branch of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zones 9 to 15. Purple brilliance hedge is impervious to most bugs and ailments, yet can even now build up specific issues, particularly whenever become in under perfect conditions.

Dampness and Root Rot
Purple wonder hedge develops best in damp however very much depleted soil. Abstain from planting it in ineffectively depleted soil, or in territories where the ground gets wet and waterlogged after the downpour. Poor seepage can prompt root spoil, which can in the end slaughter the plant. When root spoil grabs hold, little should be possible other than transplanting magnificence bramble to another site with better seepage. Focused on plants don't generally endure this change, so picking a decent site from the earliest starting point is significant.
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