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San Francisco, CA

Nor sure where did my first post go, maybe it wasn't posted at all. But still, I have some questions about pre-existing hydrangeas in my yard.
Long story short, the house I'm living in came with a big hydrangea by the porch and a smaller one on the side of the house. No idea what variety they are, but they are growing in a shady spot + they're relatively big. Last season they skipped blooming, I just fed them in the end of the summer and trimmed a bit (according to guidelines) this autumn. They look healthy, at least much healthier than last season, still I'm afraid they could skip the blooming phase. Should I feed them extensively before May?

Has anyone used the Miracle Grow Organics fertilizer product (https://www.backyardstyle.com/best-fertilizer-for-hydrangeas/#product1)? Our local nursery recommended it, so I'd like to ask - is it effective? As effective as regular MG?

Thanks in advace.
Almost forgot to add, our zone is 9a.

Guess I can add a photo, but just can't figure out how.

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

A lot of growers say you don't need to fertilizer hydrangeas in the ground. I do on occasion.

A big leaf hydrangea (H. macrophylla) may not bloom if 1) you cut it too short and remove the flower buds from last year - they bloom on "old" wood or 2) a late freeze got them (doesn't sound like you would have this problem being in zone 9). These need shade during the heat of the day to do their best.

A paniculata though needs a lot of sun to do its best flowering. Hopefully if yours is a panicle type you have it in a spot that gets quite a bit of sun during the day.

There are some other types as well - quercifolia, serrata, arborescens, and maybe one or two more.


Here are some from last year

Big leaf, paniculata (not mine but a house we went by on a hike - probably Limelight), oakleaf (Ellen Huff which is towering over a big leaf - 'Blushing Bride')

Thumbnail by hcmcdole Thumbnail by hcmcdole Thumbnail by hcmcdole

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