Ric Rac Cactus Unhealthy Stem Growth

Columbus, OH

I am hoping to get some advice regarding my ric rac cactus. After doing some research about what type of blooms my cactus displayed and how to promote blooming I realized there are a couple of different types of this cactus. I believe I have successfully identified it as a ric rac (CRYPTOCEREUS ANTHONYANUS) and realized I have been caring for it all wrong. It seems this plant should not be cared for as a succulent but more like an orchid.

That being said Iím having some issues with my stems and after researching I think I know why but was hoping to get some experienced words of wisdom here. I would greatly appreciate any advice on my proper identification, care and correction of the poor plant growth.

I currently have it planted in a large shallow planter which is usually full of succulents that I tend to replenish each spring/summer. I have though the years trimmed and cut stems off to keep it more manageable. We recently moved (a month ago) so it sits in an east facing window with bright morning sun where as previously it was in a north facing window. When the temperatures warm up for the summer I place it outside and it flourishes. We live in Columbus, OH so it thrives in our hot and humid warm season.

From the pictures you can see the stems are more of lime green color with splotching, some of the serrations are curling in. The stems are lacking the usual firmness but are not mushy to the touch. The base of the stems are all dark green and healthy as they should be but not far from the base is where the abnormal growth habit seems to begin.

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