Best/Worse/What did I did I learn today?Chat with friends old and new..

Victoria Harbour, ON

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Hey Hey - I get to be first here :)

I'm handstitching a new cover on the 2nd of the same cushion. I have a 3rd one after this. Then I need to find something else to do - like more Spring cleaning 😎

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all, suppose to hit a high of 54f, thinking maybe I should get dressed and spend a half hour getting fresh air..but then 54 is rather cool with this wind.

Susan, is there a reason you are hand sewing cushions vs machine sewing?

Put out recycle at curbside at 6:30 then climbed back into bed, now Iím finding Iím very comfy and hate to get up but up I must.

Each day itís an adventure to think of something to do..maybe painting, Iíve 3 birdhouses left from when Ohio girls where here that I could paint, think I promised Ann one, could paint those..also have a few blackboards..yep I think Iíve already decided on painting day so out of bed first.

Judy and Pat, are things getting any easier for you?

Easter Sunday coming, know I will be alone but think I shall have turkey dinner a la one, now to find a way of getting a turkey.

Are you bored?

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods,all healthy.


I'm wrapping the material around, and stitching it directly to the cushion - doing it directly on it means I have a snug fit.

I have a request from a neighbour to make masks for herself & her husband. Where do I find the pattern? She said 500 count cotton is what she'd heard.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Susan, I am making this kind, as elastic is hard to find.
I use quilting cotton for front and back. Some are using flannel if you can find it.

Betty, I hope you are feeling better today.


Linda Kay - for the back, to make it fit better & not buckle, make the seam about 1/8" bigger. Also, don't use pins on the fabric - no holes = good thing. It's small enough to hold together while sewing..

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I have all the masks made in handed out to coworkers. A few more and I can at least clean house!
My son helped give me a haircut. I wear my hair cut and it's VERY thick. I could NOT stand it any longer. It sure feels better. I had to laugh at a post I saw on facebook "we are 3 weeks away from knowing everyone's natural hair color." Based on what I am seeing, anyone that USED to have artificial nails is in a world of hurt. Women have been having to remove them, leaving behind tender damaged nails.


oooooooh yes, those gel nails - I tried them once, and got a chip on one nail - then peeled all the rest off because my nails weren't Breathing! They were very damaged and soft. Won't do this again.
I'm working on my 40 yo quilt again, and frankly, I think I'm almost done!
As I don't have a free arm, or a Long Arm quilter, I'm doing it by hand. It's very gratifying, even though it is taking FOREVER haha Thing is, I used to be scared of the stitching, and afraid that I'd make a mistake. Now that I understand the where's & why-fors, I'm a contented quilter & love playing with the patterns 😍👌

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Dropping by to wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER :-)

I have gel nails, have had them for years, get them spiffed up every 6 weeks (which would nave been mid March), but, the esthetician closed down (COVID) and my nails are getting L O N G !!!!!!! DH may let me use his Dremmel dealy to file them back.
Lorna wears a very short haircut, and, wants me to use the electric clippers on her, have to think about that one.
DH is going to GET RID of his winter grown beard (Praise the Lord)

Have been at the hosp off and on doing STATS .. I did do assessments in early March, but, as things grew dicier, and little PPE, I thought it best to stay home ..

Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you !!


Verona, ON

Happy Easter everyone !!

Dull gray day here with rain and wind on the way.It's in the mid 30's so it is chilly.

M I use a dremmel on the TH's nails when they would let me. Something happened to them at the vet's once when I had their nails cut there.They don't like me anywhere near their paws now so I sort of sneak up on them to use the dremmel.

Betty I hope you are feeling better.

I too wear my hair very short so they use the clippers/razor on me - especially the back of my head and neck. You can do it M.

For those of you making masks.... thank you.

Foodland/IGA now has strict rules in place when grocery shopping.I had to line up the other day just to get in the store. I won't have to go out for weeks now. I forgot you could freeze milk so bought a couple 4L bags and another loaf of bread. Also topped up my fruit and veggies. All employees wear a mask then a plastic shield. At the cash they wash down the belt after each customer before you can put your groceries on it. Then you have to stand at the end of the cash until your groceries are packed. No reusable bags can be used. Keeping the 6 ft distance while in the aisles is difficult.

Hope you all enjoy an Easter meal. Stay safe and well.

northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

Happy Easter!!

I went out of Friday to stock up on groceries. I find myself running out of dog and cat food and treats faster than things for me.

Just heard last night that a resident tested positive for Covid at the nursing home my 96 year old Aunt lives at. They said she's at low risk, they've been on lockdown with no visitors allowed for almost 4 weeks now. It has to be an employee or delivery person that brought it in. All we can do is wait it out, and pray she doesn't get infected.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter day.


(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I normally get a hair cut every 4 weeks. I was due mid March. I could not handle it any longer and talked my son into using the clippers on me. He ran them a little high, but hey, it's hair! It will grown back and it feels WONDERFUL. He did all the clipper work and I cut the rest myself.
I still go to the office, although most of us are working from home. Nobody has pointed and laughed, so it's all good! LOL

Victoria Harbour, ON

Dropping in with a Happy Easter wish..

Feeling better but itís off/on

Greg and Mel brought me supper, flowers and Easter treats..

Waiting to eat until I get back from the Support drive thru at the hospital ..a drive through, honk your horn to show appreciation to staff,doctors, nurses,workers that Kyle is organizing, no danger, just drive through

Stay safe!

Glenview, IL

Happy Easter!

Glad your feeling better Betty.

We had some clouds in the morning and then Sun popped out for a little while.
We got calls from the girls and grands. Oh my gosh they are just so fun to chat with. Especially Facetime. Lily and I give butterfly kisses and on screen has made it fun. Evie, oh she is just a riot, was the mighty hunter with little Easter basket.
It has been the most relaxing day Iíve had in Months. Having ham and fixings my mouth is watering at the cooking smells. At 5:30 we celebrate our 35 wedding anniversary

Thanks to Everyone to support all the different causes.

God Bless and be safe , Loving winks and armwraps.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Happy belated Easter everyone.
Happy anniversary Judy.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Where is everyone?

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Great question!! It's 10.30 PM and I was just stopping by before going to bed.


I'm here - it's after midnight here, and now Wed am - going to sleep

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Betty, check in please.

northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

Yes, Betty, please check in!

We had snow overnight here, still snowing this morning, enough that the grass is covered.

I hope everyone is well, and staying safe.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Oh dear, still no Betty.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Poppin in to say HIYA and see if Betty is about, kinda worried about her.

Not much happening here, lockdown continues, not 100% followed but pretty close.

I cut Lorna's hair yesterday, now THAT was an experience !! Looks not too bad ..

Take care everyone


Verona, ON

Getting concerned about Betty. Debbie have you had any contact with her ?

Snowed last night and it is cold here. Sun comes out now and again.

Karen how did you fare these last 2 days ? All the water out of the basement ?

Working on 1 of my rug hooking projects. I can't start my wolf one until I get my new corrective glasses .... my sight is not good enough.

Stay safe, well and practice self distancing.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Snowing here as well, buzzard at times! just turned the fireplace on to warm up.

I am keeping busy, been baking, knitting etc..was just thinking of having a bath then maybe head downstairs..still fighting something, have a container next to me, nauseated but not vomiting so staying quiet...getting tired of my own company.

Think it would do a world of good if the sun would come out and temps get better..could get out and do some work in gardens..was trying to remember when I cleaned the pond last year, must have been May.

Our Premier Ford has put the date to review Covid19 to mid week after Motherís Day in May so best I get used to it much like all of you.

Did make Rubyís applesauce cake this morning..thinking it would be a good idea now that it is no longer warm to freeze, already ate 2 pieces of cake and itís just mid afternoon.

How about you all? Doing o.k.?

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks for checking in Betty. We get concerned when you go missing. Have you called the Dr. Time for another house call?

Victoria Harbour, ON

Afternoon all,
Snowed off/on all morning, with winds itís bitter cold.
Was up extra early and got right into cleaning downstairs, craft room nice and clean and now ready to make a mess again.

Dianne, I even got an area squared off in the counter in woodworking area, got some glass and alleys out, wanted red, only one med. alley but that is as far as i got.sure wish I could remember which glass I have that I can put in kiln to make center piece, any areas?

Pat and Deb, how is work going?

Karen, how is the flooding situation, have you had repairs done?

Judy, how are things going with MIL, more difficult Im sure with being confined.

Susan, Alberta is doing ok with this virus situation.

Greg called me yesterday afternoon Melanie had a sore throat and slight fever, likely regular cold/flu ..she called into work Tuesday and now quarantined for 14 days.
Greg pick up their travel trailer, will use generator and water from the house and live in it..

Now my mother. Grrr she just doesnít get it..goes,out,every day..I try to call every day, nothing to talk about, she tells me she has been to bank, or pharmacy or groceries etc then forgets she tells me when I give her the what for for being out so much, she wonít learn 7ntil itís too late.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

I hope she is at least wearing a mask.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Betty repairs are scheduled to start the 29th. They keep saying they will try to start earlier but I'm not really expecting it. It will probably take them several days. They have changed what they are doing twice and we are not happy with their plan but have no say in the matter if we want to keep out guarantee. I'm sure they are sorry they ever heard of us by now, but afraid this won't be the end of it.

Insurance called me yesterday wanting to know if I wanted to switch to mail order for my meds. It will be a cheaper co-pay and free delivery so I'm for it.

northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

Work is going OK from home. I'm not getting near as much done if I were in the office, but, I guess they're satisfied. My dogs are loving it! Me going back to the office will be a big change for them! But, no talk of that yet. I think we have the stay at home order until the end of April, and there is talk of continuing it.

Woke up to snow this morning, it's still coming down pretty heavy! Looks really pretty, and, since we've got no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


What did I learn today? Well, I learned that I need to exercise my left leg a bit more. When I went to bed last night my ankles were swollen up like twin balloons. Last Friday I "slid" out of bed and must have twisted my knee because the muscle at the outside hurts like the blazes if I turn "just wrong". I walk straight forward no problem. I'm propping my foot up. Just the action of raising it is stretching my muscle & that's a good thing. Otherwise it gets stiff.

I also learned that it's going to take a lot longer to do my queen quilt - I keep finding more areas that need to be stitched in and filled in. I'm drawing freehand vines & leaves.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Take care of yourself Susan.

Hard to believe it is snowing up north.

northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

This is from yesterday morning. It was all melted by early afternoon. It was pretty while it lasted, though. But, I'm really ready for some warmer weather!

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Afternoon was a sunshine morning so I stated to get the wheel barrel out and start picking up limbs that Len cut last fall, still about 4 more to go but burned what I picked then the wind came up so called it a day.

Had to have a bath and wash my hair, heck, did it first thing this morning but I and my clothing smell of smoke that I had to soak a bit and do again.

Greg tried calling, when no answer he knew Iíd be in the gardens. When he reached me asked what I was doing, on couch relaxing with Dr.Ho..Len who does the outside was at his place, promises to come this week, so I got caught doing outdoor work, got what for..asked if I could make 4 masks for his friends so Iíll get them done in the morning.

Deb, the dogs will get into a routine and will miss you for sure..youíll not want to go to work when they give the ok. Our date in Ontario is May 12th best case scenario. I was listening to news, Trump is encouraging an earlier start up for all of you..sure hope its not to soon..realistically Iím thinking it will be more into June/July for us.
We had snow almost every day last week but would melt before noon.

Susan, sounds very painful, you are an accident looking for a place to happen.anxious to see the design youíve created.

Karen, great news on meds, not so good re your flooding..are they digging around structure and doing water so can emphasize with you on water situation..always a worry.

LIndakay are you still doing masks or can you now find a project to occupy your days?

Cooked a turkey breast yesterday and all the fixings, now that Iíve had my bath, done with my shoulder therapy I will make my turkey plate then maybe a nap.


Betty - turkey sounds delicious! We have 2 7kg turkeys in the freezer that we got when we got our annual hamper from Chrisco - ended up not having them for Christmas dinner as we went to the Legion that day. No point having dinner alone that day, now that's all we do is have dinner alone hahaha We'd certainly have lots of leftovers - hmmm maybe we could invite some of our neighbours over that haven't been out & we know don't have any symptoms?! It's a thought - after all, it's still cold enough to have a hot meal.
Bob found a slip on & wrap around tensor bandage for my knee, sitting in the top cupboard of the bathroom. Hadn't used it since 2017 before I got my knee replacements. Sure makes my knee comfy. Bob's so good to me - I'm very lucky to have him in my life.
Back to sewing the quilt........
Take care ladies, and Betty - take care of that shoulder!

Victoria Harbour, ON

How was your day going?

Best thing Susan is to stay off of it and just relax know thatís easier said than done. Sometimes we say we should do a major purge but see, always happens we end up needing it at some point.

We had a bit of everything today but the rain has stopped, Musta heard me say I was going to go out work outside for a bit because the sun was shining but no sooner did I think of going out it started to rain.

Antsy today, I guess we are all like that, canít seem to settle in or is that just me.

Kept busy this morning, got 2 of the masks Greg wanted, even made ties for the backs, before I make more ties Iíll make sure these work.

Already had supper, ready for bath then cherry pie..because Greg is living in trailer in his yard while Melanie is quarantined I made 2 smaller pie crusts and filled with coconut cream that way each can have one.

What did I learn today? you sure donít have a lot of laundry to do when you live in your jimmies lol

Thumbnail by Bettypauze Thumbnail by Bettypauze
Verona, ON

When I walked the TH this morning during our walk the sun shone,it was very windy and it rained... all within an hour.

Betty I am antsy too. I think just the idea that I have/should stay home goes against my rebellious self. I self distance most of the year but that is my choice.

Diesel has not been well but seemed less lethargic today. He struggled on the walk home but he was determined to get his venison treat. He did eat on his own tonight so that is a good sign. I hand fed him last night.

I've been working on my rug hooking. I am anxious to get this one done but I know I can't start the wolf one until I get my new corrective lenses.Who knows when I will be able to get them.

What's everybody else up to ?

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Betty, I have made 320 masks, and I put my machine up for a bit. Just taking it. Easy today.
Dianne, what's wrong with Diesel?

Victoria Harbour, ON

Nmorning all, dull here Dianne and like you wind is up..rain tomorrow so I will definitely have to get out this afternoon and get some work done.

Sitting enjoying a cup of coffee and trying to decide do I want to get dressed like big people do lol

LIndakay, that is a tremendous amount of masks, lots of commitment, I would like to do 4 today, now that they say they want everyone wearing them in public likely there will be a demand..arenít we glad we had that stash of fabric?

Inquiring about Diesel as well? Dianne think that once we can be gardening, looking after our gardens, watching the pretties grow the heaviness of our being isolated will lift. Did you finish your first piece? Iím not sure I could do the handwork, thinking I need to have eyes tested.

When I was outside working Saturday I went for wheel barrel and felt something scrambling around me, was that little deer from winter, he had been munching on a bush and I startled Iím looking for him every morning.

Yesterday afternoonKyle posted inquiring if anyone knew of a place that the young man sleeping in the schoolyard or local organization could help out, so tempted to offer a bedroom...

Other than that not much happening.

See neighbors sitting out having their coffee, maybe I should grab a jacket and go sit out.

Verona, ON

Good morning. The sun is shining but it is chilly. Cold enough that I will keep the wood stove going with the bevel on low. Being on the lake it gets cold and damp as the evening wears on.

Not sure what is wrong with Diesel. I am hoping it is just the doggie flu.When a Rotti refuses food you know something is wrong. He seems better this morning but we have just had a wee walk not our longer one. The vets' offices are closed except for emergencies or meds pick up. Plus I still don't have a vet and can't really cold call one. I gave him some gravol and that stopped the vomiting.

Enjoy your day whatever you chose to do.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Betty, please think twice before allowing strangers in your home. Especially with this virus going around.

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