Garden location help

Salt Lake City, UT

Hi all! Iím getting ready to set up a garden and need to get my raised beds down. This is my first time not using containers that I can move around as needed, so I need a little guidance.

Everything Iím planning to grow in the garden requires full sun. The location in the attached photo is where I *want* my garden, Right along the fence, but I cant tell if itís considered partial shade. The photo was taken at 2:36 this afternoon. The shadows are from branches of a tree that hasnít filled in yet, so I guess there would be more shade here soon.

This is south facing, and gets sun from the East from around 9am, and itís still going strong from the west by 6pm-ish at which point any shade from the tree has moved away from this area..

Iím just trying to work out if my full sun garden (Tomatoes, tomatillos, sunflowers, melon, onion, herbs, etc) will thrive in this location. Any help is appreciated!

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