Garden help! Abnormal leaves in basil plant

San Jose, CA

Iím in zone 9 and yellow spots have been appearing on my basil plant. Itís also been growing very slowly. Any idea of what is happening?

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(Zone 9b)

I do not know. Maybe thrip or mite damage?

When I would have such problems right in the beginning, I would toss the plants and soil out. Clean the area with bleach as well as the pot. 1 to 10 solution. Then start again.

If you buy your herbs in starter pots or any size actually, I gently lift the plant out of its pot in the store. If the roots are crowded, especially if wrapped around themselves or if coming out the bottom from the drainage hole, the plant is already off to a stressful start so I will not buy it. I look for healthy, strong white roots with healthy looking tops. If there are funny leaves or funny anything, I pass on it. This eliminates a lot of problems.

Always use a loose nice soil. I generally do not use fertilized soil because I have had it burn plant roots in the past.
Here are some links to read that might help.

I gather you are a new to gardening. Please do not be discouraged. You may want to change the soil you are using since you are having such bad luck. Gardening can be so rewarding once you learn the basics.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Probably leafhoppers which famously attack Genovese basils. They are terrible to control on my Atlanta rosemary as well but never see them on my plants further north.

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