To admend or not to admend + basic Thuja & Soil Qs

East Central, MO(Zone 6a)

Hey guys, I didn't want to spam the forums so I figured it would be best to fire off several questions at once.

1. I have read a lot of conflicting information in regards to amending the soil when planting trees and shrubs. More lean towards not doing so, including arborday and a research paper done by Wash state university. However I was planting over the weekend full of anxiety as my soil is horrible.What are the opinions on soil admendment around here?

2. I ended up decided on "giant" Green Thuja's. I wanted a fast large privacy screen. However my wife came across a post here last night that someone mentioned that these where slower growing. Is that true? I was lead to believe that they were one of the faster growers once established.

3. My soil is horrible, it's sticky clay. I had to dig out the holes and basically throw in chunks and try my best to tamp. Which included standing on it to pack it down.It freaks me out but I read prior that thuja's will grow in clay so I wasn't worried. What are you guys thoughts on thujas vs clay soil?

4. Lastly do thuja's need staked? Mine are about 7 foot but not very full right now. I wasn't sure how easily they can be blown out, or if that heavy clay has it at least once advantage.

I appreciate the help! I didn't want to plant a dozen of these and need to go back and rethink the planting process.

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