SOLVED: Help identify plant!

Bohemia, NY

I found this growing in my garden, I am not sure what it is but does resemble a clematis which I do have many of, although not with a white strip down itís leaves. I appreciate any ideas. From Long Island , NY

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Sweet Autumn Clematis (C. ternifolia or C. paniculata). While it will have hundreds of blooms and a nice lovely scent, it will pop up everywhere if you let it go to seed. I grew it from seed and wished I had known how invasive it can be. Now I enjoy it in the woods on state or national parks.

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Bohemia, NY

Thank you so very much!!! I actually have this clematis in my yard so that makes sense, except itís leaves looked a little different when I compared them, and they lack the white pigment down the middle of the leaf. Perhaps because it is a very young plant ? Also... my neighbor has it ( I see it boom in the late summer/fall)
So maybe it came from their yard and is a different variety.

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