Soil and container sizing

Green Bay, WI

Hello everyone, first time poster. I'm looking for info on container sizing and soil. I recently placed an order for some plants for a container garden to attract hummingbirds (order below to be shipped in a few weeks). I've been doing research for the last couple of weeks and coming up with a game plan, even made myself a handy dandy spreadsheet for all the species I've got. For the most part, I was going to be going up one size pot from what they will come in. However, I'm in zone 5, and with the soil mix I'm likely to use (probably going to go with a 5:1:1 to start with for most, possibly Al's gritty mix for some of the more drought tolerant ones), should I be upsizing to larger post as a general rule to help with overwintering since those mixes are more resistant to overwatering? But for the vines (Lonicera sempervirens), would it be okay to put it directly into a large 15-20g (it's currently in a trade gallon pot)? I've read about why going to big too soon can cause the soil to retain too much moisture. I'm not looking for easy answers as I'd rather understand the "why" and not just the "how", so any help would be appreciated. I'm thankful to have found a lot of great info here!

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