SOLVED: 8\' tall shrub in Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

It would be taller if I didn't keep it cut back. One person told me this was an abelia, but I'm not convinced that's correct. Stem diameters at the base range from 1/2" to 1-1/2". Flower is about the size of a quarter. Most of the primary stalks are long and straight. Any ideas?

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(Zone 9b)

Funny, I was looking at a Weigela hedge 15 minutes ago.

Maybe Weigela florida.

Richmond, VA

Thanks, Kell! The leaves and flowers sure are a match, though I'm thinking it may be a different cultivar since that page says it usually grows to 3' - 4' high, and I have trouble keeping mine below 8'. ;-) But it's so nice to finally have a positive ID. Thanks again --

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Kelly, it sure looks like Weigela to me. Not sure what cultivar it is.

I got mine from my parents' neighbor across from them a few years back. The old guy died so I got some cuttings from his blooming bush close to the mailbox and gave half of those to my daughter. We lost all the cuttings that year so I get some cuttings the next time we visit (they are in TN). It took two years for this one to bloom - shoot, it was Forsythia! Guess the bark and leaves look similar. So after it bloomed I tried once more and made sure I got the correct bush and got those to root and thrive. A year later a man bought the house from the bank cheap and gutted it for a remodel. He had his landscape crew cut almost everything in the yard including the Weigela and Forsythia. I also have two variegated ones which add a little more pizzazz!

Here is my Weigela from cuttings (March 30) and then the variegated one shot today. The other variegated one is in too deep of shade to bloom well so I need to remedy that one day.

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Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Hi Twigs83:

If no one said it yet, the species and older clones/selections of Weigela florida are typical 6-9' tall and 9-12' wide, so your plant is feeling its oats in that realm. Richmond VA is a great place to grow this plant as well.

The smaller size ranges are better assigned to newer clones and hybrids which have been selected for dwarfer more compact habit, to fit in smaller landscapes and require less maintenance = less pruning. Kind of like compact cars.

(Zone 9b)

Don't you love it Butch when you look at a plant in your garden and it has such a rich history and meaning to you beyond buying it in a nursery? I love them all but that variegated wine one is stunning!

I went to PlantFiles to find photos of 1 I saw years ago on a walk. I still remember coming upon it in its full spring splendor. It was incredible!! Sadly, there are no photos in PFs. I do not know how I did not enter them.

But I did find 2 too incredible ones. I do not remember where I took the photos of Weigela florida 'Rubidor' and seeing it today, I cannot believe I did not buy one! LOL
Weigela florida 'Spilled Wine'

Weigela florida 'Rubidor'

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Kelly, I forgot that I have a fourth Weigela with dark leaves - Wine And Roses if I remember correctly but it hasn't grown that much.

Here is what I want to see mine do.

That picture must be the most advertised one for variegated Weigela ever as other companies seem to use the same photo.

My other variegated Weigela (Rainbow Sensation) has been a bit disappointing as has the Wine and Roses. Maybe I need to transplant both to a sunnier location or at least start them from cuttings to put in a sunnier locale.

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(Zone 9b)

LOL That photo at Stark's site is exactly what the Weigela looked like that made me stop and stare years ago! Though I do not remember it being variegated. Isn't Stark that dreaded nursery?

That variegated one does have such interesting leaves. I hope it picks up for you.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I think I ordered some tropical plants from Stark's before unless there are more than one Stark's Bros. They sent nice sized plants but alas I was fooling myself thinking I could grow lobster claw plants. This was a long time ago - 20+ years.

There are other companies with the same picture or another angle. I didn't want to do Michigan Bulb Co for sure!

Austell, GA(Zone 7a)

hcmcdole, your yard must be a sight to behold! If you are in Powder Springs, I'm not that far away. I'm in Austell-Mableton area.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)


My wife would disagree about a sight to behold. She sees a chaotic mess because I like to pack things in and grow everything odd and unusual.

Yes, we are not far away at all but we are on the other side of Thornton Road instead of in Powder Springs. Are you in the old Austell area off Veteran's Memorial Drive or the newer shopping area of Austell Road and East-West Connector? We used to live in the area off of Hicks Road and Milford Church even though it was a Marietta address we felt closer to Austell. I used to play basketball at Austell Elementary School in winter with guys my age many, many years ago and was wary of flooding on Perkerson Mill Road in the spring. We still use Bullard's Animal Clinic for our pets as well. I always liked the older houses with tidy yards around Austell but hated the railroad tracks.

Austell, GA(Zone 7a)


I am in the old Austell, near Old Alabama but off James Rd. Other side of Thornton? Where it becomes C H James Parkway? My garden is a chaotic mess also! My backyard flooded in 2005 and I just gave up. Then my Mom got sick and passed away. Then I retired and had some health problems. I am just now trying to reclaim my yard. One big island in particular was just trees and no grass. I ordered a mantis 25 years ago and dug it all up. My hubby who was then my boyfriend said, when is the semi coming. Well now after years of neglect, that island is an absolute jungle, with plants fighting for survival. My gardening style is definitely not structured because I love all plants. I want one of everything.

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I hear you Plantnutz. That is what passionate gardeners do - try something and if it fails to deliver, rip it out and try something else. At our last house I had a little front yard bed of native wildflowers - cardinal flower (lobelia), goldenrod, blazing stars, iron weed, and a host of other beauties. My wife didn't like it so I ripped it out and put in irises instead. Nice when they were blooming but I still liked my tall native flowers instead.

I had day lilies down one side of the driveway and the other side was dogwoods with other flowering plants. Our small median strip I had crepe myrtles, verbena, and evening primrose while everybody else in the neighborhood had boring grass.

I had to look up James Rd and Old Alabama Rd. Found your area. I used to pick up my begonia mentor at her new home-apartment at Songwood off South Gordon which is the first turn off Old Alabama. I don't know if I went all the way down Old Alabama on your side of Maxham but on the other side all the way to Austell just earlier this year.

Speaking of Thornton Road (just dropped my new SUV off at the Ford dealer this morning for another body shop repair - second accident in less than 7 months) how do you like all the name changes? I think Hiram has 3 name changes in less than 5 or 6 miles. Camp Creek in Fulton, Thornton in Douglas, CH James in Cobb, Wendy Bagwell/Jimmy Lee Smith/Jimmy Campbell Pkwy and maybe more in Paulding. UGH!

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