Troubleshooting some Growing Seedlings Issues

Brampton, Canada

I posted this in the beginner gardening forum but I think it might be a question for here instead?

I am starting many of my seedlings indoors under grow lights as I donít have enough natural light. All are doing relatively well but I do have a few questions.

Some of the seedlings have a leaf or two that appears very pale. As in almost white tinged. Could this mean the lights are too strong for these fellas? Iíll post a pic below.

Also some of my lemon balm seems to have red tinged leaves. Not sure if that is normal too?

Last but not least, some of my catnip leaves has developed black spots on the leaves and wondering what would cause this and what this may be. They were not apparent last night but seem to have developed overnight. They are on the upperside of the leave and the leaves are dry. The seedlings are quite large so I switched over 24hrs ago to pot watering versus misting as they were drying out fairly quickly in between mistings. However, I am beginning to wonder if the pot watering is just too much water for them and this is what caused it? OR Is this some type of bacteria or fungus or mold? Any recommendations and tips to troubleshoot would be greatly appreciated! I snipped off a few of the problem leaves in case it was something that could potentially spread.

TIA (pictures were taken just after their morning watering))

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Karachi, Pakistan

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