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Manchester, NH

hi I'd like to put a bird house up (NOT a feeder) on my covered 3rd floor porch. Are there any birds in New England that would use a feeder in that location? the closest tree is probably about 25 feet away but there are some dense bushes at ground level that are often full of sparrows (not that I want to get sparrows mind you, I'm hoping for chickadees or wrens) Thanks

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

You could always hang one and see if any are interested. I looked up ‘chickadee nesting’ and they will build a nest up to about 20-25 feet. Just be sure to get a box that is built for chickadees. Wrens are pretty easy to accommodate—you can hang a simple little woven basket for them. I am not sure they will nest that high up but you could try.

Culver City, CA

Yeah, you could make a birdhouse firstly, and hang it up, in case if any birds settle there. My husband is a trucker, but he loves to make a lot of things out of wood and taking pics of birds. Yeah, it may seem a little bit funny, but I think we all are kind and cute inside. So, his first masterpiece was a birdhouse, because he loves nature and animals, and birds. And last month I made a surprise him and gave him a birding camera which I ordered from this site, as a birthday gift. He was so excited and happy, he always dreamed about a birding camera so he could go to the wood and take pics. I will never forget that day.

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