Plant laws of Hawaii

(Zone 7a)

I found the following on the plant laws of Hawaii. Please note!!!!!!!


No one may import into Hawaii by any means the following articles without immediately notifying the Department of Agriculture of their arrival:

Any plant or plant part, including nursery-stock, tree, shrub, herb, vine, cut-flower, cutting, graft, scion, bud, seed, leaf, root, or rhizome; nut, fruit, or vegetable, grain, cereal or legume in their natural or raw state; moss, hay, straw, dry-grass, or other forage, unmanufactured log, limb, or timber, or any other plant growth or plant product, unprocessed or in the raw state; soil whether or not attached to plants; box, vehicle, baggage, or any other container in which such articles have been transported or any packing material used in connection therein.

Saint Louis, MO(Zone 5b)

Thank you for the information. I wasn't aware of the law. I, for one will not send anymore trades to Hawaii. Do other states and countries have these same laws? Does anyone know?
Does the US Govenment have a site where we can get this information?


Elizabethton (Stoney, TN(Zone 6b)

I sent a package of seeds to Chile, and the receiver is having a problem with the government there. They confiscated the package and apparently are asking her about it. I doubt she'll be in trouble, but I suppose I'd better not try to visit that country.
Apparently the seeds should have been cleared with their department of agriculture. Ursula, if you're reading this, would you give us an update?

Kuna, ID

Every state has these laws there are specific laws for each state. and they do differ. The laws you are refering to are seed laws which monitor the import and export of seed through each state. I am a Seed analyst for the state of Idaho. There is a list of which seeds are noxious, prohibited and restricted set up by the USDA. if you want the address I can provide it otherwise it is called the State Noxious Weed Seed Requirements Recognized in the Administration of the Federal Seed Act.

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