Duluth, GA

I have a question. I have deer coming in my backyard. Now that there are food and water outside, they tend to visit at nights (mostly). Sometimes during the day.

now i really like them coming and i enjoy watching them feeding at the trees and the birdfeeders.

But i do have some unwanted visitors at the feeder, like squirrels. I was trying to drive them away one day. I use a bounce ball to send away the squirrels to the next yard, then I follow them to the forest cover so that they go far off and not come back in a while. That day, I was doing the same, I approached the squirrels rapidly, then followed him to the forest covering (which is connected to my backyard), then bounced the ball to scare off the squirrel. But I did not notice a young deer was there. he seemed to get a mild shock from the sound of the ball bouncing. It jumped and moved away a few feet when I noticed it. I stopped immediately. The deer also stopped after a few feet and kept staring at me. Then came another deer (who was bigger) from behind enjoying the leaves. He paused as well and stared at me for a while. They did not seem too scared as they were looking at me from the same spot. then they casually slowly shifted. But I came back slowly before them.
Now I want to know, were they spooked? (I mean the deer) Will they not come back to my yard, if they were scared? I mean I did it by accident. I did not know they were there. i was just there to scare away the squirrels, so that the birds could eat.

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