Organic earthbox-style garden

Greenwood, SC

I'm looking at setting up some organic diy earthbox-style boxes. I've got a lot of experience with raised garden beds but just want a few small container gardens this year.

I'm REALLY confused by the fertilizing suggestions. I'm used to doing a lot of side dressing and foliar fertilizing but that obviously won't work on these. What is the easiest, safest, most efficient way to fertilize a box like this organically? Thanks!

1900, Philippines

Thank you for sharing this. Iíve been searching ways on how can I help my mom on her garder. I donít know much about gardening but with the help of this I could help her. I tried reading some on other forums but I havenít found the right answers. Good thing I saw your post. While I was searching I found this"> game. And I showed it to my sister and my mom. She got some of her garden Ideas on this game. If you want you can"> go now and check it out.

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