peat moss

Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada

difference between mulch and peat moss
The term mulch technically refers to any material used to cover the soil. This could be pebbles or gravel, plastic sheeting, shredded tires or organic mulch, such as compost (my No. 1 choice), pine needles, shredded bark or wood chips. Obviously gravel, although effectively performing the mulch functions of suppressing weeds and slowing moisture evaporation from the soil surface, has a different effect on plants than do organic mulches. When you and I (and most gardeners) refer to mulch, weíre referring to shredded hardwood bark, so thatís how Iím using the term here.

Peat moss may have a place as a component of potting mix used in containers (mostly because itís lightweight), but I wouldnít recommend using it as a mulch. Hereís why:
peat moss
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