SOLVED: Plant ID Survey

Saffron Walden, Esse, United Kingdom

Hi everyone, I am doing a survey on the plant and tree species around Saffron Walden. I've come across a small shrub, sometimes just a single woody stem with a dead pointed floral tip. The plant/shrub's I've located are growing from a ditch or from its embankment, the leave a slender, like willow or willow herb. Can anyone identify it please. Much appreciated.

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Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

I suspect you have some Buddleja (syn. Buddleia) sp. seedlings there.

The simple leaves with opposite arrangement, the grayish tomentose coloration, and the long terminal (former) bloom which is now a seedhead - if from last year - are good ID characteristics.

Buddleja davidii is most common in this part of the world, and many named selections have been made. It has been documented escaping cultivation in the Ohio River valley region here, so I'm not surprised that you are seeing stray seedling plants in your survey. I suppose there are many other species that can be growing in the UK.

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