SOLVED: UK - Unknown vine - New house

St Leonards on Sea, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Hi helpful people.
I need to know if I should get rid of this vine that is growing in my front garden before it seeds a zillion babies.
My first thought was one of the green briars, Smilax, but there is no tendrils, thorns or anything like that just plenty of 6 petal greenish flowers and it winds in on itself.
Can anyone tell me if it is an invasive plant.
Thanks for looking.

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Bretten, Germany

Reminds me of Celastrus orbiculatus flowers.

St Leonards on Sea, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Ah, many thanks suse but I dont think it is the Celastrus orbiculatus you suggested. I have carried on searching and found it to be Dioscorea communis (Black Bryony).
Thanks for your time.

Beverly Hills, CA

To be honest, these don't look like invasive plants to me. However, I must say, I actually really do like vines that grow upward. I feel like it adds a whole new element to your garden, and it creates a cute and romantic atmosphere. I've actually renovated my garden recently made sure to plant some tendrils and twiners. I can't wait for them to grow and for me to finally enjoy the garden of my dreams. Anyway, don't worry cause yours don't look like climbers. You're good!

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