Kousa Dogwood suddenly died

Canton, MI

Kousa Dogwood was starting to drop leaves and buds appeared viable in late March. Then stopped suddenly and died. No green inside branches. Odd white speckles on trunk as seen in picture. Tree was planted a bit too deeply, but was healthy prior to symptons. Thanks. Alan in Canton, MI

Thumbnail by lochlemonde Thumbnail by lochlemonde
Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Hi lochlemonde:

The information you have provided thus far is not quite clear to me.

**You wrote: "Kousa dogwood was starting to drop leaves and buds appeared viable in late March..." Do you mean that plant was dropping last year's leaves - in late March? Or was it dropping newly emerged leaves?

**You wrote: "Then stopped suddenly and died. No green inside branches." What suddenly stopped and died, and when? Were new leaves emerging, and when? Something else?

Where/when was that first picture taken? It doesn't look like the same location as the second picture.

You could provide a clearer timeline for this plant's history.

**When did you get it, and in what condition (bare root, container, B&B, etc.)?

**When was it planted?

**What were growing conditions like?

**What was Canton, MI climate like last year? Wetter than normal? Drier than normal? Normal winter? Normal spring?

This kind of history tells much more to us who don't live there. You have to tell us what you know, if you wish to receive good information.

If the plant has not been destroyed already, taking some additional closeup images of the branches, smaller stems, buds, leaves, etc. will be helpful diagnostic information, too.

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