Hydrangea paniculata propagation help

Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

I took my cutting from my limelightís my vanilla strawberry hydrangeas every year and they are big plants now! But they only bloom little pink flowers all up and down the stems. I just donít understand why there not like the mother plant I got the cuttings from? Here are pictures of what I get every year at this time. The first two pictures are them & the last two pictures are the mother plants . Anyone know whatís going on? Please help!

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Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Hi Flowers298:

I'm curious. Your first two pictures of the problem plants are teeny-tiny - making it difficult to discern details - while your second two pictures are very large and high resolution.

Please post more/additional images of the plants in your first two pictures. Don't hold back! Show the WHOLE plant, and then successively more closeups of ALL the plant details. Leaves, stems, buds, flowers, etc. are all fair game. High(er) resolution is best, since low res pictures become pixillated when trying to zoom into see details.

Along with the pictures, tell us something more about this whole story.

**Where are the parent/mother plants growing?
**When (what year, what time of year) were the cuttings taken?
**Did you personally collect the wood, or was it sent to you?
**How did you handle the cuttings (temperature, refrigeration, rooting hormone, media, watering, etc.)?
**How long have they been growing in their current situation - and what is that situation (container, raised bed, in-ground, etc.)?
**How are you treating them in their growing site (watering/no, fertilizing/no, spraying/no, etc.)?

I hope you can provide additional diagnostic images, and the additional cultural information, and then contributors here can help solve your predicament.

Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

Here are some better pictures! The plants are two to three years old.

Thumbnail by Flowers298 Thumbnail by Flowers298 Thumbnail by Flowers298
Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Those are definitely better pictures, size-wise, but you haven't taken any closeups of the detailed portions of the plants.

One thing is absolutely clear: those are NOT pictures of Hydrangea of any kind.

If you can take some more closeup pictures of the flowers, stems, leaf attachment, stems, etc. then your plants' real identity can be ascertained. The easiest way to get good images of those detailed parts is to prune out a branch with those parts present, and then lay it on a table or sidewalk in good light where you can get good focus, top - bottom - sideways.

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