How do I correct a poorly begun peach tree?

Hello everybody!
I am completely new to this subject. I've researched, but haven't found information specific to my problem, so I hope someone hereabouts can help me. I was given a young (2-3 years old I guess) poorly pruned peach tree (pictures attached) in a 2 gallon pot. From what I saw, the roots don't seem to be very well developed (far from being root-bound). I planted it with a mixture of the sandy soil it came in, some store-bought garden soil, and some natural fertilizer. It's about 10 feet tall, and 12-18 inches above the ground - where I'm thinking of pruning below the two, narrowly crotched scaffolding branches - the trunk is one inch in diameter. From what I've read and seen, I need to chop it back to a stub to create 3-4 new, better angled scaffolds. My questions are: should I in fact do this, is it ok to do it now in the middle of May, and how risky is it? I am in Ankara, Turkey, which I'm told has a climate similar to Denver. Thanks in advance for your help!

The 3rd one is a close-up of trunk below the scaffolds

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Looks like scarring below the branches? If it were me I'd cut the branch with least leaves first. Then wait to see if a new one forms lower down. When and if that happens I would let the new branch grow a bit then whack off the other branch. Otherwise wait until it goes dormant to prune it. Hopefully if you do that you won't get suckers from the bottom. Only thing I would worry about is wether that heavy of a pruning would set the tree back fruiting wise. Keep in mind most fruit trees sold in my experience are grafted to root stock. Cut below the graft and thats all she wrote most likely.

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