Will my Tuberous Begonias come back?

Owen Sound, ON(Zone 6a)

I bought two beautiful Tuberous Begonias from a local nursery last Friday a critter who shall remain nameless (resident Chipmunk) mowed one down completely the second is hanging by a thread and looks awful. My question when it starts to get warmer will they re-grow or are they toast and I will need to buy new ones? I was asking on the Canadian Gardening group on Facebook what to do about protecting my plants from the Chipmunk and one suggestion was to put some rocks or even Christmas ornaments around the plants because they love to dig in fresh dirt. I did that tonight. I'll see what happens. As you can see in the photo the one Begonia is hanging on but barely there is another beside it that is completely gone. Will they come back?

Thumbnail by marilyn777
Hadley, PA(Zone 5a)

Yes, I think the one that still has stems should sprout new leaves. I'm not sure about the one that lost all its foliage, but this is the time of year when everything tries to grow if it can. Tuberous begonias usually will die back in autumn, after which you can save their tubers and replant them the following spring.

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