Hydrangea Trouble

Raleigh, NC

(I posted this under the Hydrangea forum but no response.) Can someone point me in the right direction to investigate emerging trouble on our established hydrangea? It's been happy and in the same place for at least decade. Always healthy. I haven't fertilized since July so that might be the problem, but I'm worried about disease/fungus. Thanks for your help.

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Clayton, NC(Zone 7b)

Iím not an expert but fertilization and extra water is what has always fixed the browning of leaves for me. I typically get them on ours in late summer since it gets so hot. Not sure about the yellow but Iíve heard that a plant with yellowing leaves needs nutrients. So Iíd give fertilizer a try.

Raleigh, NC

Thank you. I will fertilize it and cross my fingers.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I just blew away everything I typed in and the four photos I had ready to go by hitting the stupid back arrow. GRRR.

Just cut off any bad looking leaves. They will bother you looking at them and don't do anything for the plant. This could be simple aging or a reaction to too much sun, too little water, too much water, or too much fertilizer. Who knows for sure.

I cut off almost every leaf of my Penny Mac last August since they were so ugly but it bloomed so well in June. July the blooms faded as expected. August is when it got ugly so I cut almost every one of them off. Mid October shows new leaves but not full. It looks good this year but I had to cut off a lot of dead branches.

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Well I will never understand how DG gets the photos out of order but the second one is this year and was the last photo I loaded. GRRRR! Shame on DG for doing things so awkwardly.

Raleigh, NC

Thank you hcmcdole for persevering. Technology can be such a pain in the butt--but thank you. I haven't gotten around to fertilizing it so I'll first cut off the uglies and then see.

Raleigh, NC

PS your blooms are beautiful.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Most of the big leaf types are in bud and some are in partial bloom today. The oak-leaf varieties are in full bloom. I lost a few over the years but most are doing great. I hope yours will reward you too.

This was 3rd week in June last year on the other side of the locked fence (didn't have keys with me to get a closer shot). LA Dreaming and Purple Princess but I bet LA Dreaming was not true (came from Home Depot a few years earlier).

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Raleigh, NC

Thank you. The blooms are lovely.

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