Mushrooms in purchased garden soil

River Ridge, LA(Zone 9b)


I purchased showscape organic garden soil for a new (no dig) raised bed i established 2 weeks ago. Mushrooms are popping up every morning -is this a sign that the soil is not fully composted? I have noticed that there are a lot of bark pieces in it. Did I get the wrong type of soil? Are my plants going to suffer in the soil with un broken down bits like this?

Thank you in advance!

River Ridge, LA(Zone 9b)

Here are details

Thumbnail by callacrazy Thumbnail by callacrazy

If I were you, you must use a waste from a cow to prevent mushroom growing because the waste of a cow has a lot of nutrients and I already did that. I forgot to picture it cause I was playing">best home design app and">vs. zombies: battle for neighborville maybe on the next day I will provide a picture so that you will able to see my garden without those mushroom, I share this to you just to remind you.

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