Elder borer beetle larvae in \"Bob Gordon\" variety

Bloomfield, NY

Good morning. I have five year old elder bushes that have been annually pruned and have been extremely healthy up until this year. Just in the last few days I've noticed an profusion of elder beetle larvae taking over. The .edu sources I've read have said to prune and remove offending canes, but I believe they are likely all offending at this point. My question is, should I cut them all back to the ground at this point before they all mature and lay more eggs or wait until dormancy? If I cut them all back now will they be able to recover? I haven't had this issue before. I've tried everything to lessen the tide, they shake off fairly easily for manual collection and I've dusted around the bases with DE, but I do not wish to use anything stronger. Opinions and advice appreciated. I have no doubt as to the ID of the culprit either they match the mugshots!

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