help identifying bird please

North Shields, United Kingdom

hello my wife took these photos today, do you know what bird it is? the photo was taken at the harbour of the river Tyne in the UK.

i didn't realise this is a US message board until after i had signed up!

Thumbnail by ninthofJoon Thumbnail by ninthofJoon Thumbnail by ninthofJoon
Duluth, GA

Seems to me like a House Sparrow

North Shields, United Kingdom

the beak doesn't seem to be the right shape though.

North Shields, United Kingdom

we think it could be a grasshopper warbler.

we are in it's summer range and the terrain where the photo was taken is thick rough grass which is it's habitat.

this is a photo of the area where the photo was taken:

Lakeport, CA

I will agree with Grasshopper Warbler

Travelers Rest, SC(Zone 7a)

Definitely a Grasshopper Warbler.

Oceanside, United States

Its simple to identify the bird since I have a bird book which I brought from the book store. I have memorized quarter of the birds but the rest is hard to memorize. Other than that if I get confused then I use google to search by adding descriptions.

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