Lemon tree leaves eaten

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Hello! I am a super new gardener. I got a meyer lemon tree for my mom with dementia about 2-3 months ago. It's been our project to take care of it while in SIP so I can give her a project that she enjoys and brings her outside.

It's been going great. I watch several videos before getting the tree so I could learn how to pot it and take care of it. We have several little lemons starting to grow, so it's very exciting!

In the past week or so it's started getting covered in spider webs. I've seen and remove two tiny spiders and cleared it of the webs. Today there's more webs and some leaves are chomped. I didn't think spiders could do this... but I guess maybe? I haven't seen anything else on the tree. I am hoping to get some advice as to what could be eating the leaves and how to get rid of the pests doing it. I'm attaching pictures, but it's right outside so I can get more angles if necessary.

Thank you for your help!

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Usually the symptoms of a pathogy are noticed on the upper part of the leaves while the cause is hidden underneath them and at the inside of the plant. You should move photos of the underside of the troubled leaves and look inside the branches. Already we see a spider web that could denote the presence of Tetranychus Urticae (red spider), one of the most dangerous plant phytophages.
Ciao, ciao!

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