Scorched dappled willow


First time taking care of plants and was hoping for some guidance. My dappled willow is scorched and I'm not sure what else to do.

When I noticed the scorching, I moved the plant from a full sun to a part sun area. It now receives direct sunlight from morning till noon.

Also bought a moisture gauge that suggested the soil was in the drier side. So now I water the plant every morning until the water comes through the drainage holes.

I assume that the scorched leaves will not recover... But it seems like new ones are starting to crisp up as well.

It has been one to two weeks since I thought I "remedied" the situation . Perhaps it is still too soon to tell?

I live in Toronto where the temp is ranging from 70 F to 85 F.


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Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

You have a very vigorous plant in a very small container. That's not good even for this growing season.

Second, it is in a black pot exposed to sun. That will cook roots as the black pot heats up in the sun.

Finally, you have no reservoir beneath this undersized black pot to retain water for the plant.

If we were playing baseball, that's a strike out.

Solution: at least put a reservoir (tray) under the pot. That will hold some water for the plant to absorb.

Better: set the black pot in a bigger container to shade the black plastic from direct sun, and put the bigger container on a tray/reservoir to catch water.

BEST: Pot up your plant into a much larger container that is NOT black, and rest it on a substantial reservoir to capture excess water that the plant will use.

It is a Willow after all.

Since it is so vigorous, you could either pluck off any off color leaves OR give it a hard pruning and let it grow out a bunch of new healthy growth.

I see. Thanks!

Will go out today and get the necessary items.

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