Honeysuckle problem

Fort Lee, NJ

Do honeysuckles intertwined with other bushes kill the other bush, I noticed that the honeysuckles are growing and spreading and have made my other bushes dry out and losing the leaves leaving just empty branches. Any help would be greatly appreciated..
Thank you

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I don't know if it will harm other plants but it is distracting and can be heavy enough if allowed to grow to put extra stress on the bushes/trees it climbs over. I had one on a willow (both volunteers). I liked the spiral restrictions it put in the willow as both grew but eventually they both became too much so I cut them down. I spray and pull out ones that creep onto our property from our neighbors. I will enjoy the scent in the woods when they are in bloom but I don't want them in our yard.

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