Planted during a heat wave....ugh!!

Penfield, NY

I planted during a 90 degree plus heatwave we had. It was incredibly cold for a spring and my time was limited. Long story short I planted many of the plants I grew from seed in my basement since March. My plants all suffered from shock and look horrible and this is like two weeks later. They are slowly making a comeback but I am wondering if they will ever come back to normalcy. I planted 25 pink geraniums, 25 Dusty Millers and about 50 Ageratums. These are near by walkway and in the front of my house. Just seeing if other people had this problem and if the plants ever bounced back.

Thank you.


Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

have a friend out on Long Island growing tomatoes and peppers, can you provide a bit of shade if it is still 90* until they have time to weather off better? raising seedlings indoors can always throw shock into the plants if you don't weather them off slowly for a week or so. Like placing them outdoors in a shady spot til they regroup. You may lose some, weather may cost some of them, but a bit of help could make them bounce back. For most of your plants, they will grow slowly for awhile, then take off and grow much better. Luck!

Hot Springs National, AR

You are right, the weather is so important for gardening. And it is needed to control and plan all stuff to prevent destruction from consequences because of weather. I learned a lot from about how and why various conditions may be ruinous. I guess almost each of us can remind at list one situating spoiled by the weather, so we should take it seriously.

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