SOLVED: Succulent

Toledo, OH(Zone 6a)

CLOSED: Figured it out on my own! I found this random succulent plant growing in one of my raised beds, in my vegetable garden as I was weeding. Kept it, and have asked locally here and no one can id it, other than it is a succulent. How it would get and grow in where it was is confusing in of itself. It resembles rosemary, the leaves are very soft and almost rubbery like an Aloe Vera plant. It fibrous on the main trunk. The little spongy, rubbery arms, pull up against the main trunk in the evening as it's getting dark ,and re-open the next day. Just a very interesting little puzzle for me. It doesn't seem to mind my indoor climate, as I brought it in to safe guard it from outdoor critters that get in my garden. Thanks in advance.

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Bretten, Germany

...and...what is it? A Sedum or a cactus?

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