What\'s happening to my plants?

Louisville, KY

This is the only tomato plant out of about a dozen shows this condition. I can't find any insect, or anything which looks like a fungus.
There is a squash plant in a different area which shows the same sort of partial yellowing of a leaf. One leaf of that plant has a lot of healed holes, can't find any insect on it either. Thanks.

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Louisville, KY

I think the problem is low soil PH. Electronic probe tester shows PH between 3 and 4. I'll work in/water in some lime this evening.

Snellville, GA(Zone 7b)

Ah Jim, have you been spraying weed killer near your plants?

Louisville, KY

Yes, I did spray roundup around the border of the tomato patch when the plants were smaller, but each plant was covered by a bucket before I started spraying. I had not sprayed near the squash and cucumber plants.
The PH reading I mentioned was my error, the switch was set for the moisture reading instead of PH. PH was between six and seven with both the meter and with a chemical test kit.
I got rid of that tomato plant because it continued to look like it was going to die. This was in a dry spell and I continued to check the moisture there after I removed the plant, and it was always too dry, that spot is at the edge of the patch and sloping, so the water I was putting down was running off and not soaking in properly. all the other plants are doing fine.
Sorry about the slow reply, I sort of forgot to check after a few days.

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Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

Hey Jharp sorry about your tomato plant. Sometimes yellowing if from too much water but doesnt seem to be the case here. How is the rest of your garden going?

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