Please help, I don\'t know what to do to recover my decaying plant

Santiago, Chile

Hello and sorry for my english

I am writing here to please ask for your help with a plant that I love very much as it was given to me by my late father.

I do not know what species it is (not sure if a sego palm because of the difference between leaves), it is a very delicate plant that I have had a hard time making it grow. Its lower leaves are always yellow and I am worried because now (late fall here) they are drying out.

Two weeks ago I moved it to a bigger pot (it was years in a very small one) but the lower leaves look drier and drier. I moved it close to the window so that it has more light (it gets very little direct) but I don't know if the lower leaves are normal or not. The other long leaves are relatively well, with their dry tips that I cut with scissors from time to time.

Please I wanted to ask for your help to see how to make this plant as healthy as possible.

Thank you!

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