Confederate jasmine

Hello, I am wondering if these is a wrong time of year to propagate from cuttings.

I have taken green cuttings, left a couple of leaves, dipped them in rooting hormone and placed them in decent soil, water them every day and yet one by one they are dying.

Im wondering if the heat has anything to do with it, its brutal here in Florida now, I am just outside of Tampa.

I have the plants out of direct sunlight, cant imagine what else might be going on?

Ottawa, KS(Zone 5b)

Hi 1930dodge,

I take cuttings from zinnias occasionally, and I keep them under a humidity dome until they develop roots that can absorb water. That can take 10 to 14 days for zinnias. I do root them in a sterile rooting medium (in my case Premier ProMix, but any sterile medium like Perlite or Vermiculite should work). It's possible that your "decent soil" contains some bacteria that are attacking your cuttings through their open wound.


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