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Fort Lee, NJ

There are three different vines growing in my yard that are intertwined in my bushes not sure what they are and will they kill my bushes?
Vine 1, vine 2, vine 3

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Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Your "edge on" views of the vines do not allow for 100% positive ID, but I think you have:

1. Either Boston Ivy or Grape; you have only shown the edge of the leaves, not the stem they are attached to or any other feature.

2. Possibly Parthenocissus tricuspidata

3. Virginia Creeper - Parthenocissus quinquefolia

I would not allow any of these vines to congregate in, on, or around your shrubs. They are all prolific growers, and are capable of smothering large parts of the shrub canopies. Worse, the ones that use twining tendrils to climb in the branching of the shrubs will cause girdling of the shrub's stems as the shrub grows larger.

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