Strange lily phenomenon

Mobile, AL

Hello, I don’t know much about flowers so there may be some obvious explanation for this that I don’t know about. Last year I received this hanging basket as a gift. A few months later it put out blooms and someone on this forum helped me identify it as the Royal Sunset variety of asiatic lily. They were beautiful and eventually died back and went dormant then grew back as expected this spring. Except a strange thing happened— one of the “shoots” took off more than the rest and became much taller. Last year they were all the same height and each had one flower at the end. This year, the big one produced 5 or 6 blooms on it. The others stayed much shorter and still haven’t developed a flower, just green leaves. What’s going on?

I included a photo from last year and one from this year.

Thumbnail by Lala01 Thumbnail by Lala01
Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Sounds like division.

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