Rare Cloudberry Plants Rubus Chamaemorus Any Known Sources???

Pittsburgh, PA

Hello everyone, I am 3+ years into my search with very little luck.

Cloudberries (Rubus Chamaemorus), also known as Bakeapples, are low lying yellow-orange berries native to cold climates, more specifically northern Europe, parts of Canada, some of the pacific northwest, and some very northern parts of California. I live in Pennsylvania and with our climate, these will have to be grown in my climate controlled greenhouse.

For the past 3+ years, I have not been able to find a nursery that sells live Cloudberry plants and is able to ship them to Pennsylvania let alone the United States. I have Cloudberry seeds, but they are extremely difficult to germinate, and I have heard a rumor that it takes 7 years to fruit when grown from seed (hence why I am looking for mature live plants). I haven't been able to germinate a single seed out of the nearly 100 that I have tried (scarification, stratification, and acid baths did not help). The nursery that sold me the seeds is in Europe and they are not allowed to ship live plants to the USA. I have reached out to the two users with plant sources in the trading community on here but no response from either.

Hopefully this thread can reach many more users who might know of a live plant source in the United States. There is a nursery in Washington with these plants, but their laws do not allow out-of-state shipping.

Thank you for your help!

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