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Palo Alto, CA(Zone 9a)

Here are a series of photos I took last evening at sunset. We've had a peregrine falcon family roosting in the sycamore across the street for a while now. The youngsters are "teenagers" now, I guess, and the birds have been flying all over the neighborhood. They've been going after squirrels, rats, mice, opossum, other birds, caterpillars, and who knows what else. In these photos it appears that the one bird has killed one of his own, and is guarding the body. Is this normal falcon behavior? What might have caused this. Was this an interloper, maybe, or a rival? Anybody out there versed in falcon behavior? I'd love to know the story. Thanks. This is in Palo Alto, California, by the way.

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Lakeport, CA

Maybe it either saw another bird that it was suspicious of, or, if it was mating season when this had happened, then I would say that I was waiting for the female to come back so they could share it together.

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