yellow squash

Evansville, IN

My yellow crooked neck squash produced 2 squash, but approx 5 have shirveled up when they got about 3 inches long. The plant is rather droopy most of the time as well. What can I do?

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

You are having poor pollination issues and may have squash vine borers although they are less common in your area. Google how to hand pollinate squash and watch some videos. It's easy. Squashes require pollinators. As bee and wasp populations decrease we are seeing a decrease in productivity.

Check vines along the base for any breaks or oozing. This would indicate vine borer worms at work. Otherwise it is normal for squashes, pumpkins and cucumbers to flag during hot days but they should recover in the evening and be okay the next morning.

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