Please help me with house plant ID

Lafayette, LA(Zone 9b)

This came with a group in a gift basket in Mississippi. My Moma
separated them and I propagated this by a leaf. Years
later, I have a bloom! Succulent? Seems like it. Can anyone help?
Thanks kindly!

Thumbnail by Blucy Thumbnail by Blucy
Hadley, PA(Zone 5a)

It looks similar to Epiphyllum oxypetalum, a night-blooming form of orchid cactus.

Lafayette, LA(Zone 9b)

It does look similar and how interesting! Thank you so much!
In my pictures this morning, I thought it would open more and
here comes the typical, afternoon, heavy rains. The second bud
looks like it wants to open but, not promising. At night? Well, it
is fast and I likely won't see it.
Thanks again, Audry! Appreciate your thoughts and response.

Lafayette, LA(Zone 9b)


Thumbnail by Blucy

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