Greenfield, NH(Zone 5b)

This DL has about a 5inch bloom and is 20" high (however I have poor soil so it could really be a taller!)

It has the most beautiful coloring - pink with darker pink veins and an orange throat....

It's a NOID DL I got in a trade....and it's finally blooming. YAY!

I've been to and but can't seem to find just the right match....

Thanks for the help!


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Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

It is very pretty! Honestly you are probably not going to be able to ID it. Even if it is a named variety, there are so many that without knowing definitively that it was THAT daylily, you just can't determine what it is.. There are probably some of the newer daylilies that are so very distinct that you could say YES! THAT IS IT, but again.. hard to say.. and it may not even be a named variety, it might be a seedling..some cross that never got named. One thing possible is if you show the bloom to the person that you traded with> if they keep track of their daylilies> they might be able to say oh yeah that's "such and such"
I would say if you want just name it something yourself and enjoy the beauty :)

Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

Ohh, I meant to say.. other things that help ID a daylily are. Branching. does the scape branch and how many branches does it have. Buds. how many buds per scape. Re bloom: does it send up new scapes after the first round is done. Its blooming now so could be considered a late season bloomer but since this is the first time its bloomed for you, you probably want to wait til next year to be sure. whats its blood habit. most daylilies blood early in the day and are done by night. some go for longer than 16 hours some....blood in the evening (What? is that a night lily??) When the season is done and winter is upon us does the foliage die back all the way. or does it stick around for a while? \those are just some extra points that not only will help identify a cultivar, they make it more fun to grow daylilies :)

Snellville, GA(Zone 7b)

It might be JOLYNE NICHOLE (not sure of spelling of Jolyne). It's an older variety but a very good plant.

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