Coffea Arabica proper soil.

Prague, Czech Republic

Hello everybody,

I am writing from Europe (Prague).
I am seeking for advice about my coffee tree which is not doing very well and I cannot figure out why.
It is located in a bright corner of the house, far from any window.
I am watering it only when the soil gets dry. But misting it and around it daily.
Now at summer time I am using a common natural fertiliser. (N 6,4%, P 1,7%, K 9%, pH 4.0-7.0)
I am guessing that something is wrong with the soil, which is the only think left to be wrong.
The soil is a mixture of general garden soil, with bark, perlite, a bit lava stone pieces and that's it more or less.

I read a lot about special soil mixtures, but I cannot conclude what is the best for the coffee plant.

Any advice would be highly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

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Prague, Czech Republic

none? :-(

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

Possibly a humidity issue? More light too?
I myself would change the soil too. That looks like house plant stuff. Find stuff for shrubs. Also try having a cool mist humidifier on a timer next to it.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Dobry den, teoeteot.
I have a coffee plant, about five years old, or six.. among my many plants.
I think you need to put it close to the window and give it better light. Light is the energy force for the plant's metabolism. It cannot function without light.
I don't worry about humidity. My home runs about 50%. During the cold part of winter we may run a room humidifier. Misting a plant does not significantly raise humidity- it evaporates so quickly.
It seems like a 'thirsty' plant to me- it seems to need water more frequently than I expect. - comparing to other plants of same size.
I do set mine outside in shade for summer. But in the right indoor location, it should be fine year round.

So I think, better light, better water, no misting, no fertilizer until it is actively growing.

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