Dieffenbachia Seguine help

Brighton, MA

Hi there! I was hoping you could help me and my dumb cane (pictures attached). I'm pretty sure it's a Dieffenbachia Seguine but I rescued it so I'm not 100% positive. A few years ago this plant was put in my office as a little baby and was doing well until the stem started looking very thin and it would not produce many leaves. It turned out that one of my coworkers was pouring out his cream and sugar filled coffee into the soil and refused to stop when repeatedly asked so I took the plant home. It's been doing so well and really thriving, it even has a little baby growing from the bottom! My problem is that the thin damaged part is now in the middle of the stem and so the cane is very top heavy and falls over. Today I had to prop it up with two stakes instead of the usual 1. Do you have any advice? Is this a lost cause? It stands at 3 feet now and I just love it.

Thank you for any advice!

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