The fine line between Native and Hybrid Invasives

Kimberly, WI(Zone 5a)

I love me some wild plants.. Especially if they are uncommon and need to be spread back around. I enjoy collecting seeds among other expansion efforts to improve diversity, including tackling monocultures. That said, I run into hurdles when it comes to species that have known hybrids and are difficult to differentiate..
Two that trouble me a lot are:
-Viburnum trilobum vs. Viburnum opulus x trilobum (I struggle enough telling the two individuals apart and wish I had an example of the hybrid to study.)
-Celastrus scandens vs. Celastrus orbiculatus x scandens is a similar story for me, though the individual species are easy enough to tell apart.
I know there are others as well.. but wondering if anyone has any better resources for comparisons than I've managed to find on these two.
Thanks for your time.

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