SOLVED: I\'m growing to love this plant

Gainesville, FL

I really like it. It has a hedge-like growth habit, and those really pretty leaves. As you can see, the flowers are tiny and would be completely insignificant, except that they float like a cloud over the whole plant. This plant is growing in north central Florida.

Thumbnail by SlenderHope
Rome, Italy

It would seem a Polygonacea, like Persicaria

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Definitely Persicaria, maybe 'Red Dragon'? I had it in a large container for a few years where it seemed perfectly hardy in the Atlanta area. Alas it died after the fifth winter. If I could find it again I would try it in the ground as it did not seed invasive like its many other cousins with their millions of seeds. Check out Painter's Palette.

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Gainesville, FL

Thank you! That's definitely it. I'm impressed that it lived for you for so long in the Atlanta area! In any event, a really pretty plant and, as you say, doesn't seem to be invasive. Thanks to both of you.

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