Daylily Garden Reclamation

Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

Well, I have been on hiatus from DG and my garden for quite a while. To the point that my large Tet DL bed actually has trees in it. With the increased down time I was working on projects and was pretty overwhelmed by the thought of weeding these beds, so I reached out to my kidlet and asked her if she had any friends that were hard workers and needed some funds.
We ended up having two work days so far, and things are looking much better. We left some trees in the Tet bed, after getting rid of the junk ones and the 'too close' ones, we kinda liked the look. So decision was made to move the daylilies from under the trees to other beds or other parts of the big bed and just mulch under the trees.
I was amazed at how many daylilies actually survived my neglect. I am also seeing some new fans popping up in area that were barren now that there is more sunshine and water to the ground. They are amazing plants for sure.
So pictures coming, I only have a before picture for the Tet bed but you can get a little idea of the immensity of it all..

The bed with the Birdbath is in the front yard. if you squint you can see another daylily bed behind it on the hill. Next is a round bed where I did lose several cultivars but there are a couple popping back up! I also have moved about 7 of my Poly Diploids into this bed.
The side of the shed is a new bed. DH didnt like mowing up by the shed so he killed the grass and we moved 14 of my tets over there. They look a little pathetic but I am hoping they will perk up in the new space.
Then the last two are the before and after of the big tet bed. We still have work to do.. DH and I starting spreading the mulch today so maybe will post another pic once its done. I have two daylilies still blooming! I will post pics soon

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Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

Got it mulched now

Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

Didnt get the pics in sorry

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