AUGUST Challenges,Projects& Organizing Ourselves, sharing in our love of crafting/sewing!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Moving us over, just in the nick of time as August is a almost over.

Not sure if you find although we are secluding ourselves re Covid that the weeks/months are flying by.

Iíve been having a lot of company, not really more than usual but after being alone these past 4-5 months itís quite the change..
Tomorrow John and Darlene are coming over to do some measurements for panels, seems they wanted to gift me with fabric and dome attachments so I can easily get the back deck closed in for the winter..once the domes are drilled in I can just put them up on my own when snow is in the air..Tuesday June,Pat and Wanneta are coming to sew, Wednesday Linda is coming, we will make bags for children activity supplies, nothing on my schedule for thursday or Friday but itís early days.

Hydro was out today, little I could do inside but did get backing of a wedding quilt sewn, not easy to match pattern.

Glad to be back sewing and painting.

Time to take Ned for his night time walk the bedtime.

Iím with Pat Susan, no outrunning the police

Grrr wonít allow photoís tonight

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hahahaha you ladies are funny - outrun the police in our old beater. Yeah, motor's powerful, but that just means it won't die on us any time soon.
Looking forward to the 31st when we can go camping until the 3rd........ Sept already? Wow - yeah Betty - time IS flying by, so quickly.
Going to use my Urban Walking poles I got a week ago - looking forward to it 👍

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I doubt I shared this with you ladies earlier, back when I lived in Walla Walla, my sister asked me to attend a lecture about an hour and half away. It was late fall. After the class, we were headed home, it was dark and foggy. . Marie was driving, she came around a bend and there was a police car. She looked down at the speedometer and saw she was going over the speed limit.

The officer did not pull out immediately and so we thought "dodged that one" when sure enough, the little blue & red lights appeared in the rearview mirrors.

We pulled over and waited. The officer approached the car "Ladies, did you SEE me there on the side of the road? I ask because you SPED UP!" At which point Marie smiled and said "Honest officer, we were NOT trying to outrun you! "
He checked registration, insurance etc and cautioned us to SLOW down, the roads were starting to freeze. No ticket, no warning, we were blessed that the officer had compassion for 2 gray haired old ladies.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Oh yikes Pat, he could have issued a ticket.

Donít know about you but Iíd be leery stopping if you werenít on main road, hopefully there was traffic.

Doing a small bag, needs iron on light weight pellon ..was just checking for sizes etc. Might pick out stitches and add so it can be used, we will see
Everything is sooo dry here


Ladies - I just found a new way to put elastic on masks that won't use the 2ft long piece for the continuous elastic, but still is adjustable
They're calling it a flu mask so aren't putting in the filter, but it's the elastic I was interested in.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks for the new room Betty.
I agree. Time is flying by. It will be Christmas soon.


gack - LK!! Not ready for fall, let alone Christmas!

Victoria Harbour, ON

4 months today and we will be having all the Christmas fixings.

Will check out the link to tell you though, am masked out lol

Girls come to sew today, Wanneta canít make it but pat and June should be here, tomorrow Linda so once again a busy week.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Susan, I have used that technique for making it adjustable, I do like it. For myself, because of hearing aids and sensitive ears, the continuous loop behind the head is much better. I do prefer the Olson mask style that they showed best, it seems to fit better and does not take any more time to make that the pleated masks.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Wonít it be nice not to have to wear them? I give it mid 2021

I put the wedding quilt back on the frame, going to try and do 1 hr a day only andsee how that goes.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Yes, I am already making alternate plans for Thanksgiving (in November for me). In late October I will drive up to see oldest son Dana & wife again, just the 3 of us will celebrate together. Unless, my 2nd son Kevin & his girlfriend and daughter join us.

All of them are VERY aware of COVID and take precautions. My youngest Adam & his family do NOT, and neither does my nephew & family. THEREFORE, I cannot expect Dana & Kevin (& family) to come to Tri-Cities and celebrate with family. It's just an ugly reality.

I will say that Kevin did talk to Adam and insist he wear a mask when he comes into our house. ADAM might not be concerned about COVID but Kevin explained to Adam he needed to protect ME.


Pat - SO glad that Adam is seeing sense, and will protect YOU, regardless of what he thinks of His health.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Hard to get everyone on same page re Covid, wear a mask because if there is aaa minuscule chance it saves saves someone from suffering then wonderful, I helped someone..

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Yes, I have seen some very interesting analogies....

"If I pee myself and I'm wearing pants, I get wet but YOU don't. If you pee yourself and are wearing pants, only you get wet. Let's just all wear our pants and NOT pee on anyone" Same principal applies to masks LOL.


and then there are those who "wear" a mask.......... on their chin, ear, anywhere but over their mouth & nose......... "well, they said to wear a mask, and I'm wearing one. Show me where that's breaking the rules...."

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Yeah, I want to slap them silly.

Well, today I bought 3 floor lamps (total $15) , unloaded the panel door I bought yesterday ($50) , got a free chair (for garden art), bought 2 patio chairs (total $20) and this evening, bought a King size mattress. Still got several hours of working on sewing room done. What a mess.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Lordy now those are bargoons for sure!

Been a bad year for those interested in garage sales etc. Think I might have seen a couple but didnít stop.

On Wednesday when Linda and Suzanne where here I would cut out pieces to make young childrenís art bags so yesterday I finished them..have quite a few kids fabric scraps that I should be able to make 1/2 doz. more.

Thumbnail by Bettypauze Thumbnail by Bettypauze
(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

That bag is CUTE!

I have not been to yard sales, I have been scouring the Craigslist, Face book Market Place and BuyNothing sites. It's been fun.


I've been asked to sell my masks in a consignment shop, so I'd better get busy & make more.
We're going camping on Monday to Thurs, and at 4pm Thurs I'm to go sign the contract for selling my masks. I'd better make more to sell. I took some to a friend who has her own shop, and now don't have any more than 3 I gave to the consignment shop. Each one takes about 2 hours or so?!?! Maybe now that I'm not on the game so much, it may take less time.
Well, off to get my INR done & get some eggs from the Hutterites.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Susan, I sit and cut out a bunch of them. Then I can sit and chain piece them. It takes about 10 minutes for me to make 1.
I just turned in 125 to our quilt shop to sell. She sells quite a few. Even more for kids, now that some are sending kids back to school.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Moved us over

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