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Victoria Harbour, ON

Moved us over from here:

Still waiting for rain 😪

Having lunch with Ned..

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks for the new room Betty.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Ned's a cutie! Sorry he and Ziggy don't get along.


I learned a new way to use the plastic grocery bags - make them into reusable ones (crocheted from cut up bags). Today I just learned how to make a ball of "plastic yarn" and on Monday I'll learn how to crochet them into bags.
We had our first Social Group afternoon since March. It was good to see the majority of the ladies there today. Afterwards we had a meeting - the Chairperson, Vice-Chair & myself as Secretary/Treasurer. We've planned an Executive Meeting Sept 14.
Yup, things are ramping up again here. In rural Central Alberta things are better COVID-wise, but we're still being careful.

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

Another hot day here, 110 but cooler weather is on the way for next week. I called off my garden helper for Thursday. Told him we would do two days next week.

Ned would probably get along with Ziggy if they had longer. My cats and dogs get along very well. But if the cats start fighting each other, then the dogs chase both of them until they break it up.

It was garbage day so I did some quick pick up. I added a large pile of mimosa blooms into the compost pile and put some weeds and such in the garbage. I did not waste my time curling my hair because it would last about 1 minute. I just pin it into a bun at the nap of my neck. Front hair is white and back is a lighter grey. Should be interesting when it is totally grown out.

I am going on line to see if I can find some clothes. In am now at an 8/10 and the majority of my tops no longer fit. Been at this weight for over 3 moths so I think I have leveled out. I need some long pants because I only have two pair of 10s. Also a dress or skirt.

I got my elephant plants in pots out of he garage and into some light. They were starting to drop leaves because not enough light. There is one that is too heavy I will need to find a man to move. I have two pots I am going to move into the garage plant area tomorrow and start rehabbing so I can put them back in a few weeks. The front landscape looks fantastic from across the street but up close you can see all of the problems.

No input on the masks because I do not sew. Karen, my son wants to take me to the Outer Banks. He and his wife went and he said I would love it.

Susan, you are just one busy person. Sounds like you have found a great home area.

Virus cases are slowing down here but now they are saying 6' separation may not be enough.

I took this photo today up the street. I thought it would make a very challenging 1000 piece puzzle.

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I must admit something. I have been addicted to online gaming for 8+ years. Up to 16 hours per day.
Today, I quit the game I've been playing for 1 1/2 years........ cold turkey. This has been a time-sucker & although it's going to be difficult, I will persevere....... I hope 🤞 It truly was an addiction. Now I can put my time in as Secretary/Treasurer/Bookeeper and Librarian, plus the other things I like to do in Real Life.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Yeah Susan, lots of things are a time suck. I admire your decision to quit.

Speaking of addictions.... I got a GREAT dresser yesterday, well constructed, even dove tail joints!!! For.... drum roll please.... FREE!! It's big, in excellent construction wise but needs some cosmetic work. The family had it advertised for sale and then changed it to FREE if someone would get it THEN. It was only 4 miles away and I finally got my truck back yesterday.

At the rate I am going, I will have NO room in the garage!! I need to get some of those projects finished and gone.

Sharon, I smile at the vision of your dogs playing Ref to the cats, telling them to knock it off.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Evening all, my day started at 5:30 AM, actually if you want to talk gabbing with my brother online at 3:15 this morning it would make it even an earlier start to the day. I knew that Linda was coming today after she dropped off at her daughters in connecting but then she messaged me at six and said sheíd come here first, I said best I get up and at it then, did the bed had my bath put a roast on with potatoes carrots and beans and she got beer at 7:20 AM.

We work this morning on getting the little bags done she wanted for her grandson and then Suzanne dropped in and had a bag of mending to be done .. shortly there after Sharon dropped in she only stayed maybe 10 minutes then left for Midland.

Girls left at 4 oíclock, gave Linda a container and filled it with supper fixings... all happy campers and I am tired... so glad I decided to put a roast on first thing this morning because Iíve already eaten thinking of having a bath and maybe calling it an early evening.

Was Ritaís birthday today so we called her and sang birthday greetings, sure wish she could have joined us

Omg what laughs we ad, felt like we were on a road trip..

Read all your posts, eyes getting heavy so will come back to post once Iíve rested.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning, heavy rain all last night with lightning like our 1st of July, woke some friends up so we bagged for awhile around But this morning the sun is shinning, calling for more showers, perhaps later in the evening and for next 2-3 days.

You will have to open a Shabby Chic shop Pat, you would do extremely well,mthink they are now doing better than antique stores...

Sharon, went back twice and looked at that photo, omg that would be the death of me, every piece of the tree looking much as the other. Love the photo and you should have it made into a puzzle..from time to time I do puzzles online, cheat, have the app that sets them in the proper you have quite a time of it watching all the furries interact.

Guess Susan we all have our demons for addiction, mine is crafting, but gambling has never been one of mine, I begrudge any pennies I donít see what Iíve spent my $$$ on.. Iím wasteful, like buying newest gadgets but I see the item. Bob must be pleased you will try to find an alternate way to entertain yourself of which there seems many.

Deb, sure hope things are going ok for you..

Liz, are you safe from the fires? Wonder what Judy is up to, still car8ng for her mother-in-law.

Dianne, did you get the storm?

Been sitting on the couch far too long, must get a move on..Iím torn between feeling the urge to go for a ride to Medford, about 1 1/2 hr drive, stop 8n a few towns to do nothing but play in the craft room...

Just typing this has made me think perhaps if I pick a day maybe LInda, Suzanne and Sharon might want to go for a ride.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Antiques are MUCH more difficult I think. I watch several items on Craigslist that are beautiful chalk paint dressers, they have been for sale for MONTHS. To me, that indicates that even the pros are struggling.

If I was willing to drive to Walla Walla, an hour away, I could pick up some consistent bargains. Now that I have my truck back I might try to arrange several "look-see" & hopefully purchase, all on ONE day. For now, I really need to focus on the job(s) LOL at hand. The sewing room clean up, completing the patio and getting all the strip of ground along my house planted, weed cloth & ground cover, rock or bark, SOMETHING. I need to find 2 more Rose of Sharon's, preferably "Minera", so all 3 are the same.


Betty - Bob was shocked I actually followed through & quit the game.
I still keep in touch with those I played with. I totally dislike gambling. I saw far too many senior blow their entire month's pension on those VLTs. My ex was a gambler. He saw no problem in his "entertainment" and would spend $1,000 a month on them.
The game I played was free to play, just took a lot of my hours playing when there are so many things to do In Real Life.
Today I got stuff done - I'm Secretary/Treasurer/Bookkeeper for our Wellness Centre and got some billing issues, and meeting minutes done. As well, I got some other stuff done for Wellness. It felt good to be so productive.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Susan, when my computer isn't working, I get LOTS more done!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning are, sky is heavy, likely rain soon..inside day.

Susan, kudos to you, hope your day is filled with other ways to entertain yourself.

Pat, going to check where Walla Walla is.

When I watch some of these shows they have contestants buy at flea markets of sortsa and repurpose I canít believe how big they are, wish there were some closer to me.

Yesterday it rained for part of the morning so I finished 2 of the little activity bags I was working on Wednesday with Linda so now I can buy fillers and fill them up.

Mom called yesterday morning and thought Bella her dog wasnít well, said she was going to drive up this morning, go to vets then drive home after 3:30 appointment, told her that is too long of a drive to do in one day so she drove up yesterday, think she should wait till tomorrow to go home but mom is mom and will do what she wants to do, I can only suggest.

With mom here I can only do something that can be done upstairs, I will find find something iím day so make my shopping list, drats, picked my to do from the jar and ended up with ďcleaning ď worse task in the jar, sigh..maybe I can give final coat to wine glasses I painted but damp for them drying. Hmmm donít you find you can plan your day but things just pop up and it takes a whole new direction.

Mom is stirring, best I get breakfast made

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Put it back and draw another

Verona, ON

Betty I agree with LK - put it back and draw another. lol That's what I would do.

We did get that storm and it was a wild one wasn't it ? Nothing like you all get down south but a doozy for us. Lots of limbs down when I did my first scou around the house. Just thankful no tree fell on the house.

Pat is there a Walla Walla onion ? I seem to remember Ernie talking about them Gosh I miss that man. How's Stanley adjusting ?

Diesel is still with me. He is not ready to leave me right now. He walks with Chaos and myself but stops and lays down when we go too far for him. Although some days he walks the whole trail we take by the lake.

Betty is there a Farmers' Market near you ? There is not 1 road side stand to be seen.

Good for you Susan. Congratulations!!! My first husband was a gambler - he loved the horses. Warren always used to say "you will not bet me a dime but would give me $100 - doesn't make sense." Well it made sense to me.

Liz come out, come out and tell us how you are doing !!

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Yes, there is a Walla Walla sweet onion and it is WONDERFUL.

Stanley is doing GREAT. He is adjusting well, greets visitors and is more outgoing. Still feisty but soooo gentle. He was "fighting" with my Daughter in law, and later we were talking and she said she could understand why I don't let him outside "since he is declawed". I laughed, NO, he has ALL his claws, he just don't use them on anyone!

The $200 I spent on a "new mattress" was well spent. Mine so wore out. This is a high end mattress in perfect condition and I slept well. The wife & husband (sellers) helped my son load it up in my pick up. They also gave me a 4 inch foam mattress like thing. I am excited that now I don't have to go buy foam to make the bench cushion.

I made bets with Ben all the time. We would bet a kiss. We figured either way we won!


Feels good getting the financials & meeting minutes done for our Wellness Centre on time, instead of putting it off cuz I'm playing this free game online lol BUT, Bob's still playing (he never did put the hours in that I did) so I can *gasp* step over to his & play it. Am I weaning myself off it, or just fooling myself. I don't know.
Betty - pull another To Do slip. Only when it's the last one in your jar should you accept it hahaha (your task, should you accept it, is CLEANING hahaha)
I'm off to ge my INR done, and get some eggs from the Hutterites. Cya later, Alligator!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Evening all, mom took Bella to the vets and decided to drive home today, silly, she could have slept here and gone early morning when she wasnít as tired..traffic will be horrific..Iíll call later to check up on her..

Nope, deal with myself is I cannot put it back in the jar...glad I got it done..was probably the worse of the Ďto doís

Did my shopping, not sure if the packed stores was due to parents shopping for their childrenís return to school or not, then add the cottages..plum tuckered me out.

Looked in all the stores that might carry silk pillowcases but nobody had them..I was hoping rather than the cotton ones, I sleep with cheek directly on my ride side so maybe that is why I have that big irritation on my cheek, worth a try IF I can find a set.

Dianne, there is a market between Midland and home, nice getting fresh veggies, about same price as the big box stores.poor Diesel, he is trying his best to stay with you..sharonís Inuk is not doing well either..she hand feeds him a lot, his #ísnare up a lot and she has to give him shots..Lordy she could almost me a vet.

Oh Pat, donít get rid of the foam, keep it for your bed..Iíve the same on new foam mattress and omg when you climb in bed you just want to sink and you sleep like a bay! You sure find the deals..

Keep up your commitment to yourself giving it up, you can do it Susan..

As I was unpacking groceries I went in the drawer and got scissors to open the rubber gloves package then decided after do8ng so to put the milk away, we get 3 bags of milk in a larger bag, know some of you donít get it that way, anyway goodness knows why but I turned one way and out the scissors right through the bags, one on the floor but I managed to get the other 2 into the zinc..guess I need more milk for coffee in the morning!

Well, itís time to head to bed,..

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Oh my. I have never seen milk in a bag. Sorry to hear it got punctured.

Verona, ON

Betty to be quite honest these bags of milk are a pain.I drink a lot of milk so I have 2 containers that are made to hold 1 bag of milk. It is a 4 L bag of milk and there are 3 bags. Go figure !! I knocked a whole glass of milk into the drawer on my night stand. That was a mess to clean up.I have everything but the kitchen sink in that drawer,

Watching Live Rescue on A&E. I have a soft spot for 1 of the guys Dan Flynn. He is a Paramedic from New Orleans. He's a dog lover so that puts him high in my books right off the bat. But he was a fireman for 8 years, then trained to be a nurse and then further training to be an EMT.

I am assuming Sharon has to give Inuk his insulin via needle. I once had 2 dogs that were diabetic that needed 2 shots a day.

I'm running on 2 hours sleep and didn't let myself nap so I would sleep tonight. Only problem is I am wider awake than I was at 3 pm. Might be time for 1 of my Rx sleepers.

Sleep well everyone.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Yes, I don't think I'd like to deal with a bag!

So.... remember when I said Kevin applied for a job in Pediatric clinic but didn't get the job? Well, Collette, the head of the department came back from vacation and found out they didn't hire Kevin. Collette went in and told the boss/owner/MD that COLLETTE was head of the department and WANTED Kevin. He is hired and starts 9/15 at the wage he asked for!!!

I am so excited for him. He is in Portland now and will look at housing this weekend. Then we'll know what he taking with him & what needs to replaced. If the room he rents is too small, his Queen bed will stay here and he'll take a twin bed.

I had a BLAST ordering scrubs online. LOTS of fun cute ones. Because it's pediatric clinic, goofy scrubs are encouraged. I will try to get one or more sewn before he leaves also so I KNOW the pattern fits.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

That is awesome news Pat. Congratulations.

northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

Somehow I lost track of you guys! I'm back! The new job is going ok, still so much to learn, and my boss said not to worry, he felt pretty useless for almost 6 months until he learned everything! I've been working on correcting and updating work instructions for the production people, and trying to follow older work instructions, so I can see what needs more information, or doesn't make complete sense.

One of my girls is moving to Calgary. She made the first leg of her trip last night, and crossed the border at Niagara Falls this afternoon. Tomorrow she'll fly from Toronto to Calgary. I just found out the date she was leaving last Monday, so it was a busy week trying to get together all the paperwork needed to get her across. And, then worrying that I forgot something. The transporter who picked her up explained that she drives to Niagara Falls, submits the paperwork, once that's approved, the transporter from the Canadian side meets her in the middle of the bridge and she hands over the dog, and crate, and paperwork. Seems crazy, but, this is the only way to get a dog across. There was a 2 hour wait at the border this afternoon. I don't quite understand how a closed border has a 2 hour wait, there must be a lot of people handing things off to those on the other side!

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

That has GOT to be stressful! Hope it all goes well.

That is certainly good news on the job front. I am happy to hear they understand the timeline needed for understanding the job.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

We are back home. It was a nice trip but a few disappointments. Didn't get to see the horses. We drove the 1 1/2 hours only to find because of COVID they have fewer tours and there was none available. Took the ferry to Okracoke, poked around there and had a very good dinner.
The guys fishing trip was nearly a bust, only 4 fish caught. Son hired a different Captain and says he won't do that again. Boat was shabby and had engine trouble which was concerning.
House they rented was nice, Of course everything by the beach is up on stilts so a lot of stairs but I managed by going slow. Dinner one night was a seafood boil. Everything is cooked in one large pot (In our case we had two) and then just dumped in a pile on the table.
Son also bought a bunch of sea scallops for me, which were enjoyed by all. Even the little kids enjoyed them.
I'm tired from the trip but so enjoyed family time.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning, is it still morning? Couldnít sleep, up at 4am..turkey in the oven

I wrote a long post, almost a novel and had trouble this morning sending on DG, puff out in cyber space.

Debbie Iím so pleased you posted, was worried the job wasnít doing well but am ever so pleased that it is and that your boss sounds very supportive..

Will this be a permanent home for one of your pretties? Lots of paperwork at best of times but add in Covid and it must have been really frustrating. Getting all the paper work done.

Karen, thrilled you made it back home with no health issues..our area is well visited by great numbers of travellers get here and many of the places the tours are closed.

Pat, bet you are thrilled about Kevin..will you now be living on your own?

Off to cut up turnip..

northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

Sorry you missed out on the tour, Karen. The outer banks are so beautiful, it's probably been 25 years since I've been there, but definitely somewhere I hope to get back to.

Minnie is only going to Calgary for about 6 months or so. The woman she is going to is the friend of a friend, who has similar bloodlines in her dogs, and wants to have one last litter, but only has boys. Minnie passed all her health tests, and I would love to see her bred, but, I'm just not in a position to do that. I have another girl I want a litter from more, and my time and space is limited. So, I was excited when Kathy asked if Minnie could come live with her for a while, and she could have a litter with her.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Good morning.
I too had problems getting into DG.
Glad to hear you are doing well with your job Deb.
Karen, Glad to hear you had a great time with the family.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Yes, when Kevin leaves it will be just Stanley & I. I am fine with that. I have never been nervous about living alone. I will now be able to run naked thru the house and play my music loud, right?
I have my siblings local, good neighbors, sweet teenagers that I hire and men from my church that offered help should I ever need it. .I have the have the name of a good handyman if I am bashful about asking any of the others for help. Life is good and it is time for Kevin to move on with his life. He will be renting a room, live much closer to the girlfriend and her daughter (no longer 3 hours away) .

Victoria Harbour, ON

Pat lol
I just climbed into bed after having had my bath, tv went out again, such bad service from Rogers..anyway I was much too tired to put mighty on and I did the naked thing...quite the sight

Verona, ON

Yes Pat running through the house naked and listening to loud music is a must.

Quite the adventure for Minnie Deb. So glad to read your new job is settling in nicely.

Yum on the turnip Betty. I love it raw as well as cooked.

Soon I will be in bed naked too. Living way down here I don't have to worry about scaring anyone with my bare body. Once when we did the Meaford show we had a motel room on the ground floor. I came out of the shower and walked into the room naked and realized 2 people were looking in the window. lol

Stay safe and well.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all, had a/c off last night p, was 68 in the house this morning, on the cool side for sure.

Dianne, I will miss Medford along with you this year, big sigh...are you getting cooler temps?

On my goal today is to at least make a couple of tarps for back porch.. need 6 in all, if I did 2 today would be thrilled

What is on your agenda?

Verona, ON

It's a perfect Fall day here' Love the temps.

I still miss Meaford. It along with the Cottage Life show were our 2 favourites to do.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I keep getting side tracked. I will finish the sewing room mess. I will NOT bring in anymore to sort. I will save that for another time. Today I want it picked up, cleaned up and the surfaces cleared. I NEED a sewing fix!!!
Yesterday Stanley was on top of my desk, my laptop is on the pullout shelf. He likes to be on the desk and "Help me". He walked on some papers, lost his balance and fell off, butt first into the garbage can. Never a dull moment!! LOL...

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Still sewing masks here. Just because. I keep find different fabrics to use, just to see what they look like in a mask. Here are a few with succulent prints. And some kids prints.

Thumbnail by taters55 Thumbnail by taters55 Thumbnail by taters55
(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Love your boy selection!

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Nice masks, Linda.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Kevin found housing, a BIG bedroom with a long walk in closet. The backyard is gorgeous and completely wasted on Kev! He sent me the link to the pictures.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks ladies.

Glad to hear he found a place.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Hurrah Kevin, one less worry for you..

Great masks Lindakay, youíve been a busy lady. Do they already have a home?

Lordy, almost did it, got a notice my subscription ended today, with making the panels, visitors etc completely forgot about it..thought Iíd come check what was new today and saw the email..only a few hours left on my subscription..paid for it but who knows if I it will be cancelled until they process paper work so if you donít see me for a few days you will know what is happening.

I am tired out, working on those panels have done me in,,so heavy, kills my shoulders..sure hope they work..tomorrow I have a perm at 9am then going with Sharon to Orillia to a quilt shop...thursday Darlene/John are hoping to come and instal them, still need a panel 49Ēx78Ē and a smaller one 18Ē by 78Ē so somewhere tomorrow I have to fit in making them..perhaps tonight once meds work maybe i can get them cut out.

Today I got the daily special from Barrie..a Christmas panel..actually matches the winter one Pat did with the cut up window frame, Sharon dropped in so I called and had a panel added in my bag for Sharon. Called Greg, hoping he could sneak away and pick the order up seeing he works in barrie, if not tonight perhaps before the weekend not that I donít have a zillion other projects to do.

Nap time

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